New Leadership PAC

Conservative Texas Leaders Announce New Leadership PAC
NLP will participate in 2018 Texas Primaries to recruit and support new House leaders


Austin, TX (Oct. 18, 2017)—Conservative leaders in Texas today announced formation of the New Leadership PAC (NLP), a response to failures of the state’s 85th Legislative Session and the subsequent special session that was called by Governor Greg Abbott.  Governor Abbott called the special session to address 20 conservative policy initiatives, including property tax reform, limits on state and local spending, and ending forced collection of union dues by local governments, most of which failed to pass the House during the regular session.

During the month-long special session, the Texas Senate passed bills on all 20 of the Governor’s initiatives, while the Texas House only passed 11.  The House failed to get many important bills out of committees and to the floor for a vote, indicating a lack of will among Republican leadership in the House to advance conservative priorities.

Governor Abbott’s top political strategist, Dave Carney, said, “it’s pretty clear the culture of the House is corrupt, that it’s a non-transparent system, that doesn’t allow [its members] to have an up or down vote.”

“It has become clear that leaders in the Texas House have lost contact with the core principles of the majority of Texans.  Texans deserve better.  It is time for a new force for change that will remove these barriers to progress,” said Don Dyer, NLP’s spokesman and PAC treasurer.

NLP is the culmination of discussions among a growing movement of organizations, leaders, and voters across the state.  Evidence of the need for NLP is illustrated by the passage of resolutions demanding changes in House leadership by 54 (and growing) of Republican party county chapters that together represent over 50 percent of Texas Republican voters.

“Our growing list of contributors have been encouraged by the outpouring of support for NLP, and we are committed to find, promote and support a new crop of leaders in the House to ensure common-sense policies for all Texans,” said Dyer.

NLP plans to encourage and support new leadership at all levels in the Texas House during the 2018 Primary season and beyond.